Read an UPDATE on Fluent beverages below.

An Update on Fluent Beverages in Canada

April 1, 2022
A Statement from Fluent Beverages

A Statement from Fluent Beverages

“Fluent has decided to stop operations in Canada. We want to thank our employees, partners, and customers for their support over the past three years in helping us build one of the top CBD beverage portfolios in Canada.”

A Statement from Labatt

A Statement from Labatt

“When Labatt announced the creation of Fluent in 2018, Fluent set out to research non-alcohol cannabis beverages in Canada. Over the past three years through Fluent, we have gained deep category insights into the cannabis sector and consumer preferences, expanded our research and development capabilities, and worked with some exceptional talent. The learnings from Fluent will be used to evaluate future opportunities within the category and we will continue to monitor the cannabis sector closely.”

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